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early years outdoors - how can we help?

Outdoors is special.  Young children thrive outdoors, and their best learning happens when they are active, engaged and enjoying learning through play in high quality environments.  


Our early years outdoor play experts will help you identify where improvements could be made - whether that's how children use the space, how it's designed and resourced, or how it's managed.  Our support can range from free downloadable resources or a simple half day's learning walk to observe children at play and discuss changes with you, through to full scale design projects, where we work in partnership with you, the children and your setting's community to create a unique space, full of excitement and challenge, that meets the needs of your children.

advice + support

Our on-site expertise helps you focus on identifying the changes that will have the biggest impact on outcomes for children.


Whether it's a twilight workshop, Inset day, conference talk or a more immersive action learning CPD programme, we can help develop your practice.


Together, we'll create an innovative, attractive and cost effective outdoor space that supports, nurtures and challenges your children.

our resources

Get started: our outdoor learning and play blog posts, free downloadable activity ideas, advice sheets and books can all be found here.

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