learning walks:

focusing on how the outdoor space is used

Could your outdoor spaces work harder?


A Play Learning Life Learning Walk will challenge your thinking and practices, encourage you to question the status quo and to celebrate successful practice.

Over two to three hours, we'll tour your outdoor space, observe children at play, audit the condition of outdoor resources and fixtures and discuss how your space could be 'working harder' for your children.  We'll look at how children and adults interact, and how they move around the space, and discuss what happens through the seasons and across the whole day.

A fresh pair of expert eyes is the perfect way to reinvigorate your outdoor offering.

Why aren't Play Learning Life visits free?

In our experience, the best outdoor learning and play happens when settings establish what they want children to do outdoors, rather that what they should have, and that sets us apart from the many companies offering 'free' visits.


Play Learning Life is a truly independent consulotancy; our focus is always on working with you to identify, analyse and support your children's learning and wellbeing.  We're not aiming to sell you 'stuff' - just our expertise, and that's why we charge for our visits.


early years outdoor learning walk flyer

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