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get out - get active - get together

Play Learning Life doesn't just work with schools and early years settings - our mission includes helping families and communities to make the most of the wonderful opportunities outdoors offers for playing together, exercising together, learning together and enabling change together.


Our work has encompassed after school clubs, uniformed groups, Sunday Schools, music festivals, fêtes and fayres and much, much more.

We're a Community Interest Company (a CIC), which means we're a 'not for profit' limited company, any any profits we do make are reinvested into our core mission - part of which is to work directly with children and families in order to facilitate high quality outdoor learning and play experiences.

Play Learning Life has four volunteer directors, all of whom have extensive expertise in supporting outdoor learning and play in and beyond the education sector.  You can find out more about our experience, here.


Find out how our workshops, taster sessions and 'stay 'n' plays' can support your community event


At 50 Dangerous Things Camp we promise to let your children go feral, and send them home bruised, bashed and burned...


Looking for something out of the ordinary?  How about a party planned around knives, fires and mud ballistics?

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