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nursery chains - share your vision for outdoor play

Could your outdoor spaces be your USP?


Play Learning Life is different.  We're not selling you expensive play equipment (or indeed, any equipment), and the needs of YOUR children and staff are our only focus.  All we sell is ourselves - our knowledge, expertise and experience, gained over many decades of close and supportive partnership with settings in the UK and beyond.

Groups and networks of settings are different - and we love the challenge of working across and with all of your places and people.  Our services include:

  • Keynote addresses and practical workshops at your annual conferences and CPD events

  • Bespoke and off the shelf CPD programmes at any or all of your settings

  • Long term action research projects focused on areas of learning or , which are also a brilliant way for colleagues from different settings to collaborate and learn together.

  • Visioning days, to help senior managers reflect on practice outdoors and develop a shared set of principles for outdoor learning and play at your settings.

  • Outdoor transformation projects - ours help you focus on natural materials and landscapes, provision of risky and challenging physical play and innovative open-ended play spaces.

  • Bulk discounts on Learning Walks and Advisory Visits

early years outdoor learning walk flyer
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