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outdoor learning and play resources

activity springboards

Check out our curriculum linked activity prompts and planning tools for outdoor play and taking learning beyond the classroom.

early years

advice + information

Make the most of our experience with a wealth of information, advice and guidance from us and other organisations.

early years

case studies

Find out how schools and settings around the world are addressing the challenge of outdoor learning and play

early years

design springboards

Inspiration to help you create innovative, attractive and cost effective outdoor spaces that support, nurture and challenge learners.

books + blogs + research

Check out our favourite outdoor learning and play blogs, websites and books.

cpd course downloads

Click here to download resources from your Play Learning Life CPD, training or event.

Vision and Values poster
Maths Sparky Words (c) PLL
new build nursery embankment slide
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Kindling Play & Training blog
Playground transformation under way
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