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Outdoors during lockdown?

Well, March 2020 certainly ended in an unexpected way! The Covid-19 lockdown will present numerous challenges to schools, settings and families alike, with ensuring youngsters keep fit and active amongst the most pressing. We know from decades of research that active children are healthier children, both physically and mentally, and there can be no doubt that the mental health of our young people will be a necessary priority over the coming months - whatever they bring.

Over the past three years, PLL Jules has written a monthly series of activity ideas for Nursery World magazine. Each article focuses on one aspect of provision, or a seasonal theme, or simply an idea that worked really well when tested in a setting. With kind permission, we're reproducing some of the articles here and we'll seek out the ones that will most help schools, settings and families make the most of the brief time they have outdoors.

Here's the first - suggestions for exploring the neighbourhood, up close and personal! Stay safe, keep your distance, but enjoy outdoors with your little ones.

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