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A New Vision for Outdoors

We are hugely excited to announce the latest Play Learning Life collaboration with Nursery World magazine - a series of 3 online training modules created to help early years settings reimagine their outdoor spaces and their approach to outdoor play.

A New Vision for Outdoors takes participants through the four stages of outdoor improvements: auditing 'where you are now'; analysing that information and deciding on 'where you want to be'; creating a vision and action plan for change and finally implementing and evaluating the changes you've made.

Each of the three modules is complete in itself and comes with a comprehensive downloadable resource booklet containing background reading, research springboards, audit and action planning materials and guidance notes.

Module 1 focuses on the evaluation of current provision, features and resources and includes discussion points and downloadable suit tools

Module 2 concentrates on identifying opportunities for change by examining good, sustainable practice outdoors, alongside innovative yet realistic design ideas.

Module 3 brings all this together with advice and information on creating and carrying out an action plan for change and again includes downloadable resources to help you do this in your setting.

To watch the trailer, find out more and purchase all three modules for just £39, here:


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