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Pappus update

The PLL team has been working throughout lockdown on writing resources for the PAPPUS Erasmus+ project. It has been a testing time for everyone, but writing the learning, play and plant ID resources has been a most appropriate activity for our team whilst working at home.

It has been a privilege to work (remotely) alongside colleagues across Europe to develop a range of Learning Springboards to help teachers work outside using plants and the natural world to deliver aspects of the curriculum - including but also beyond science.

For example, plants are referenced many times by Shakespeare also we have been developing ideas in the Learning Springboards for extending descriptive language skills in KS2 and KS3 pupils.

Other ideas include: navigation by plants, lichenography, biophyllic design, algebra with natural materials, and Fibonacci and fractals, to name but a few! There are also several ideas for PSHE and more contemplative activities to support mental health and wellbeing.

As lockdown eased and schools reopened, it became even more important that children and teachers worked outside to reduce the risks of Covid 19 and support the recovery curriculum. The Pappus resources, and message - that learning beyond the classroom is memorable and inspirational - have never been more important and it has been great to start to pilot the resources in schools.

If you are a teacher interested in finding out more and are keen to have ‘early bird’ access to the website and the pilot resources, then please do get in touch.

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