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Felicity and I have been updating our CPD courses - the first one to get the treatment is our brilliant (if we do say it ourselves) early years maths and numeracy action research CPD. We've updated it to include new thinking, new activity ideas and the latest ideas about the importance of physicality and movement in young children's learning.

The new programme is suitable for early years practitioners wishing to take a lead on, or with responsibility for outdoor learning through play. It will also w

ork well for maths / numeracy subject leaders.

The objective is to develop confidence and skills in the participants, so that not only do they enthusiastically champion effective outdoor maths learning, they can also support their colleagues to develop their own confidence.

The course is practical and partly outdoors (whatever the weather) but does require a degree of commitment from participants and their settings, as there are pre-course tasks and a 6 – 8 week action research project to carry out in each participant’s setting. For the duration of the programme, participants can expect to spend 2 – 4 hours a week on their action research. Tasks might include: developing a detailed action plan, communicating with colleagues, developing and testing ideas and approaches, observing children in maths outdoor play, carrying out risk benefit assessments and formative assessments of progress towards the action research goal.

Learners are supported by the PLL tutors throughout the programme; materials are shared between the learning cohort via a dedicated (and private) Dropbox, and regular emails help to maintain motivation. At least one Skype seminar is planned to take place halfway through the action research period, in order to help participants evaluate and share their progress, and provide new ideas and impetus.


  1. Pre-course self-directed tasks, supplied by the tutor to help participants prepare.

  2. Full day, partly outdoors, tutor-led session, exploring maths and numeracy concepts and considering the opportunities outdoors offers for rich mathematical learning.

  3. Self-directed action research programme, in each participant's setting

  4. Second full day, tutor-led session to share action research findings within the cohort and create action plans to embed the learning back in the setting.

The course is currently organised as a module, suitable for purchase by a local authority or nursery chain, but can be delivered as an open access programme. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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