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STEM Outdoors: action research CPD for KS1+2

Our new action research style CPD course brings you our most effective, tried and tested ideas to take STEM learning outdoors.

The programme is suitable for KS1 and KS2, and especially for maths, DT and science subject leaders. This course is designed either for one school or a cluster of schools to work together on developing STEM outdoors.

The course will build your confidence in making connections between STEM subjects and planning and delivering your own engaging programme of coordinated activities in your school.

We shall explore:

  • Science ‘busking’ to support peer learning

  • Ideas for practical maths outdoors

  • Effective assessment tools

  • Co-design and 'building site' projects - these make excellent foci for a STEM week

  • Bespoke surveys and developing a STEM curriculum map of your own school grounds.

The course is practical and partly outdoors (whatever the weather) and requires a degree of commitment from participants, including a pre-evaluation self-assessment audit. During the course, you will spend time developing and carrying out your own action research project.


  • Pre-course tasks supplied by the tutor to help participants to prepare. To include a self-assessment task to discuss with your colleagues, perhaps during a staff meeting.

  • First session, partly outdoors, exploring the school site and its opportunities for STEM outdoors. Tutor led, with key teachers from the host school, together with any cluster school participants.

  • Same day after school - staff meeting to include additional teachers from the participating school(s) to agree an Action Research project to be undertaken over the following 6-8 weeks.

  • 6-8 weeks self-directed action research project undertaken at school. This involves developing and testing ideas and approaches, observing children working outdoors, carrying out risk/benefit assessments, evaluating success and monitoring progress towards your action research goal.

  • Follow up tutor led session to share action research findings within the cluster and create an action plan to embed the learning in each school.

The course structure is flexible and can be adapted to the needs of your school or cluster of schools. The action research projects will be designed to fit into your curriculum plans and the aim is to demonstrate how outdoor learning can add real value and genuine engagement without a disproportionate impact on your own prep time.


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